“The darkest hour is just before the sunrise.”
~ Thomas Fuller

Quitting is not easy. Persevering is easier than you think. How? Because we are much more capable and can endure much than we think. Quitting = regret and disempowerment. When we quit we are left wondering what could have been. Often we quit when we are SO close to success. Just a little more patience, faith and hard work is required. Persevering = empowerment, resilience, growth, strength and seeing just what you are capable of. Why not go after the life you want? There is a reason you started in the first place…. Why give up now?

An obstacle is not a stop sign…It’s an area of opportunity. Maybe even an opportunity for profound growth. Obstacles are meant to be overcome. You can always pivot and problem solve to make it happen.

If you make the choice to change your mindset, you can also learn to appreciate the dark. I happen to LOVE night running. It feels peaceful and mystical. I feel like a warrior when I’m out there. The same goes for the challenging times, I appreciate those too because they are helping me grow and become better. I know that if I can get through the darkness then I can overcome anything! I’ve experienced many challenges and setbacks as I’ve worked towards my big goals and what I’ve found is the darker it gets… the more beautifully the sunrises. In addition, the darker it gets… The more I appreciate the sun!

Life can be tough. Life can also be AMAZING. Sometimes we have to work through the bad so we can experience the great. I encourage you to go after those big dreams and goals. Make it happen! Lean in and dig deeper when it becomes challenging. Be relentless. Show up fully. Do the work. Persevere. You get what you work for. Hold on because your sunrise is coming!