Life Coaching

Unleash Your Inner Champion and Lead Your Best Life.

What is Life Coaching? 

Life Coaching is a conversation with a thinking partner that guides individuals through deeper levels of awareness, clarity, choice, action and accountability. Life Coaching helps individuals overcome their roadblocks and push past their comfort zones so that they can have the rich and fulfilling lives that they deserve.

70% of people who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and communication skills.


Reach Your Highest Potential with Life Coaching

I’m here to take you to the NEXT LEVEL!

I work with my clients to help them achieve what I like to call “ah-ha” moments also known as moments of enlightenment and breakthroughs.

My specialty is walking alongside my clients and empowering them to find their edge, get out of their own way, and achieve their highest potential. In addition, I help my clients unleash their inner champion and develop a winning mindset. I’m committed to helping my clients become unstoppable, level up, enrich their lives and enhance their overall performance.


Life Coaching can help you find a way forward, whether your goal is to win, overcome personal challenges, live your best life, make your dreams come true, improve your performance or all of the above. 

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, life coaching can help you reach your goals by helping you become a better version of yourself!

Discover the freedom that comes from overcoming your mental roadblocks, finding your joy and unleashing your inner champion. You can unlock your full potential and achieve even those seemingly impossible goals through Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

The Benefits of Life Coaching

My clients report feeling empowered and confident following their coaching sessions. Many of my clients have also reported that they have reached a higher level of focus and performance. Several of my clients have also shared with me that they have significantly increase their income and achieved lifelong dreams. Additionally, they have all gained valuable insights into their behaviours, thought patterns, past experiences, and what makes them tick.


But don’t just take it from me; there’s plenty of research that supports these results! Take a look at what The Institute of Coaching reports.

  • 80% of people who receive life coaching report increased self-confidence. 
  • 70% of people report improved performance, relationships, and communication. 

Further empirical studies show that coaching decreases procrastination, a necessity for achieving success. If you’re ready to discover your highest potential, achieve all of your goals and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, Life Coaching and Leading Edge Hypno with Holly is for you! 

70% of people who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and communication skills.

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