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Studies show a 93% recovery rate using hypnotherapy after only 6 sessions.


Many well known high performing athletes, such as Wayne Gretzky, Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan have used Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a highly powerful, quick and effective way to help athletes significantly improve. Hypnotherapy assists athletes by helping them with increasing their focus, enhancing their ability to cope with life’s challenges and visualizing their success. In addition, Hypnotherapy significantly helps with improving quality of sleep, energy levels, attitude, mindset and much more. Hypnosis is also highly effective in aiding athletes in overcoming addictions and autoimmune disorders.

Reasons every Athlete can Benefit from Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy creates new neural pathways


Hypnosis helps the athlete by using visualization and imagery to see themselves performing their sport exactly the way they want to. This process creates new neural pathways in the brain, equating to memories of performing the way the athlete would like to perform. The body and mind then work together to reproduce that imagined memory. The Soviet Olympic gymnastics teams used to spend months applying hypnosis techniques (which they termed mental imagery training) before stepping on the gymnastics floor.


Scientific studies prove that using visualization for muscle growth can strengthen your body even without doing any physical exercise! The Ohio University researchers tested this theory by putting individuals in an immobilizing cast around their wrist for four weeks. Group one was told to really focus and visualize flexing their arm muscles for eleven minutes, five days per week. Group two wasn’t given any instruction. Once everyone’s casts were removed, researchers found that those group one ended up being two times stronger than group two. It wasn’t just their muscles that were stronger, the neuromuscular pathways in their minds were too. This was proven through magnetic imaging and was likely the cause of the increased physical strength This means the group that visualized, proved to be stronger. This really demonstrates the power of visualization. What if we were to combine visualization with exercise and hard work? “What our study suggests is that imagery exercises could be a valuable tool to prevent or slow muscles from becoming weaker when a health problem limits or restricts a person’s mobility,” study author Brian Clark, a professor of physiology and neuroscience at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, said in a press release.

According to a study by the University of Utah, hypnotherapy is one of the most efficient ways to handle stress. As an athlete, I know that stress can significantly impact performance. Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing form of therapy and there are many techniques that I can utilize to help athletes relax as well as eliminate their unhealthy stress. 

Athletes need to be in the right mindset to get the best possible results when training or participating in an athletic program. What’s one of the best ways to achieve this? Hypnotherapy. A positive mindset can give athletes the edge they need to be there best. Emotions can affect cognitive functioning and energy levels as well as an athlete’s motivation to perform, overcome challenges, put in the work, and persevere

Researchers at the University of Oregon have found that Hypnotherapy can vastly improve focus. Flow state is best described as being completely absorbed in a task. Think of it as effortless attention. An athlete is completely present and focused on the task with no extra effort. It’s when an athlete is working at the best of their skill and ability, but they don’t have to consciously work extra hard for it. Perfection just flows from inside them. Focus and flow stat are especially important for athletes since it can allow them to work at the peak of their skills every single time they’re playing. Hypnotherapy is powerful for helping athletes get into a flow state by helping athletes improve their focus.

The Department of Neurology at the University of Oregon has found that Hypnotherapy can help people sleep better and more quickly. Many studies show that increased sleep has a significant impact on improving athletic performance. Sleep deprivation reduces the ability for athletes to react quickly and think clearly. It also significantly impacts muscle recovery as well as it decreases sprint performance, stress regulation, focus, reaction times, memory, and learning. Lack of sleep increases the risk of illness and the chances of injury. Athletes that are sleep deprived are less likely to move efficiently, react effectively and make good decisions. Lack of sleep can also cause athletes to feel anxious, agitated, and depressed. 

Hypnotherapy can help athletes get over anxiety and performance-related fear so they can give their best without holding themselves back. As a life coach and therapist, I often see clients hold themselves back due to being afraid. Our brains are designed to keep us safe and protect us from uncomfortable situations. Fear can cause athletes to lose sleep, procrastinate on training, sabotage their own success, and hold themselves back from being the best athlete they can be.

Studies show that visualization increases athletic performance by improving motivation, coordination, and concentration. It also aids in relaxation and helps reduces fear and anxiety. Visualization is in the mind, however; the images visualized make real neural pathways in the brain. The brain interprets the visualization as if it was real. These neural pathways make athletes more efficient, focused, and ready for when the real game starts. Former NBA player, Jerry West is a great example of how this works. When asked what accounted for his ability to make the big shots, West explained that he had rehearsed making those same shots countless times in his mind. Other sports legends like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tiger Woods, and pitcher Roy Halladay have also used visualization to improve their performance and achieve their personal best.

Hypnotherapy can also help athletes in the following ways:

  • Decreasing stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Helping them be more consistent with better eating and life habits to fuel their athletic performance.
  • Reinforcement of their athletic goals.
  • Management of anger.
  • Helping them overcoming mental barriers that prevent them from performing at their best (we can really get to the root of what’s going on and fix it quickly).
  • Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones before, during, or after a game.
  • Boosting their overall confidence, motivation and will power.

Studies show a 93% recovery rate using hypnotherapy after only 6 sessions.

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