About Me

Lead Your Best Life.

My top core values are compassion, kindness, love, humour and gratuity. I bring these values with me into all that I do.

I coach with a compassionate edge.

This means I coach with compassion and without judgment as I invite you to step outside your comfort zone. Because I care and I’m invested in your results, I challenge you by sharing observations, reframing limiting thoughts or beliefs, and asking tough questions.

One of my biggest strengths as a life coach and hypnotherapist is that I’m very intuitive. I invite you to step outside of your comfort zone. As a coach and a hypnotherapist, I am a trusted professional who is dedicated to my client’s results and I show that through my approach which is genuine, authentic and honest.



I’m a certified and registered Hypnotherapist through the International Association of Hypnotherapists and Counsellors: https://www.hypnosisalliance.com/iact/

Everyone is individual and every one has their own unique stories and challenges. I take an individualized approach to my Hypnotherapy treatments. My education has taught me a large range of powerful tools and skills that I can utilized to help my clients.

I am a graduate of the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Graduate Program. The Graduate Coaching program is one of the only programs in Canada that has an application process and offers degree credits. It’s the only one of its kind offered in North America.

The Executive Coaching program is recognized by the International Coach Federation and aligns with all the International Coach Federation‘s requirements, code of ethics and competencies. You can rest assured that our sessions and communications will be kept confidential.


Professional Experience

Prior to completing my Executive Coaching certification, I gained 10 years experience in management roles and as a Health and Fitness Coach in the fitness industry. This experience gave me insights into what it takes to conquer goals, overcome personal challenges and achieve a high level of excellence and performance.


Life Experience

I strongly believe in leading by example. And achieving extraordinary things is how I demonstrate to you that the assistance I provide works in real life.

I’m also an athlete and I know the importance of having a healthy mindset and reaching your goals. My character and dedication is reflected in my ultramarathon training. I run three to five ultramarathons a year. I regularly compete in 100km to 100+mile Ultra Marathons, such as; Fat Dog 120, Whistle Alpine Meadows, Lakou Back Yard Ultra and The Canadian Death Race. Many of these races are completed on tough, technical and steep mountain trails with high levels of elevation. Often, these races take one to two days to complete and require running through a variety of weather conditions and running through the night with a head lamp.

Running ultra marathons was something that I felt was once was absolutely  impossible. Now, I help others strive and achieve their impossible goals. My personal mission is help athletes uncover greatness, overcome obstacles, perform their best and reach their highest potential.

Neal Donald Walsch famously said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. I believe my role as your coach is to guide you past the end of your comfort zone. So you can uncover the rich and fulfilling life you deserve.

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