Let’s turn it around! 

Mondays. That dreaded word. Just thinking of getting up on a Monday morning with all the memories of the nice weekend you just had fresh in your mind and knowing that you can’t go back to sleep. That’s enough to turn any smile into a frown. In fact, the hate for a Monday Morning might just be the one thing that connects all human beings. You could go up to someone and ask if they hate Mondays and there’s a 99% chance they’re going to say yes.

I used to dread Mondays. I used to send my friends funny memes about how much I hated them. I was starting my week by drinking too much coffee and having a bad attitude BUT… I realized that it doesn’t have to be this way. Mondays do NOT have to suck! Why not make the most of them?

Our perception is our reality. Change your perception, and you just changed your entire outlook on life. Monday is the start of your week. It’s an awesome opportunity to set yourself up for success for the rest of your week. Use that to your advantage. Stop letting a bad Monday pollute your entire week.

By waking up with a negative, “do I have to go to work?” and “I’m so tired!” attitude, you let that negative energy mess up your entire vibe for the week. All you’re doing is complaining of a situation, not doing anything to change it. That’s a victim mentality. We’re better than that. We’re stronger than that. You need to take action and work for the change you want.

It’s a Monday, the beginning of a new week. How would you like to start your week? Time to change your perception of Mondays. Use them to set yourself up for success. Set up your weekly goals on Mondays. Take action and crush those goals. Seize the day on Monday and use that momentum to push yourself forward through the rest of the week.

Monday is like a refresh button. A fresh start. Put positive vibes and energy into that fresh start. Start out healthy. Get up, smile and propel yourself ahead towards success. Ask yourself. What is it about Mondays that I don’t like? Maybe you’re not hitting your goals, maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a job you don’t like. It is up to you to change it. It’s your life and only you can change it. Grab the steering wheel and make that turn towards a better and happier life. That starts with taking charge of your Mondays.

Change your perspective, Change your reality. Happy Monday and remember….Mondays don’t have to suck. It’s all up to you!