Do you ever have a goal that seems so unreachable? I run 100KM to 100Mile Ultra Marathons which used to seem completely mind blowing and insurmountable to me. How do I achieve this impossible goal? I changed the story that I told myself. I used to tell myself that I was a slow runner. I used to tell myself that I was a back of the back runner. Guess what happened? I ran slow and I just barely made the cut offs in my races.

That suddenly changed for me when I decided to let go of all the limiting beliefs and negative narratives that were holding me back. Let’s face it. Almost every human on the planet has a negative story about themselves that they are holding on tightly too. Often these stories and/or beliefs don’t even belong to us. They come from being bullied in high school or a family member or a partner that wasn’t very kind with their words. Other people’s opinions, thoughts or unkindness do not belong to us. I’m here to tell you that your story is YOURS and you have the power within your hands to change it. YOU get to run the show. How would you like your life to look? It’s time to go after it! Have a life that you look forward to looking back on.

I’ve chosen to break free from my old negative narrative. I work hard and I train hard, and I tell myself that I belong and the front of the race pack. I run like I belong at the front of the pack. I work like I belong as a bad ass successful female entrepreneur. What about you? It’s time to stop holding yourself back. What are you waiting for?

It’s time to create your new story!

I invite you to go after even those seemingly impossible goals. I invite you to hold yourself capable. I invite you to break free from your old stories and limiting beliefs. I invite you to LIVE your best life?

Not sure how? You’re not alone. I’m here for you. Reply to this email and let’s talk.