…when you take a different route in life than you intended and end up somewhere spectacular.

Have you ever gone off course and/ or made a “mistake” and ended up somewhere unexpected? I’ve done it many times. Life doesn’t always go as perfectly as planned. If you are anything like me… Your default is to be hard on yourself for making the mistake, for getting off track or for heading in a different direction. The reality is that you are only human and it happens. What if there is no wrong way? Perhaps you are being re-directed to a better path. Everything in this life can and will serve a purpose if you make the choice to see the opportunity. Sometimes we are so busy beating ourselves up and looking at the “failures” that we miss the opportunities. Why not enjoy the journey? Often our “mistakes” can bring us to where we need to be. Maybe there is a lesson we need to learn or a new path we are meant to be on. Next time you find yourself “off course”….. I invite you to do the following:

1) Do not beat yourself up. 

2) Have compassion for yourself and embrace the lesson. 

3) Make a choice to see the opportunity in the situation. 

4) Figure out how to get yourself back on track and take action if need be. Pivot and problem solve where you need to. 

5). Find the positive in the situation. Enjoy the journey. Perhaps this too is a “Happy Accident”! 

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